Tuesday, 21 February 2012

3 Practical Graph (Intro)2

The following graph describe the motion of a person.
It is the distance (y-axis) against time (x-axis) graph.
Some helpful words for describing the graphs might be:

If possible include a scenario eg. A person while walking fell down and ….



  1. A person felt a sharp pain in his knee while trying to walk home faster because he is going to be late for dinner. But after sometime of not walking, the pain went off and he continued walking quickly home. Half way through, the sharp pain came again and he stopped walking.

    -Sherwin, Valery, Praveen

  2. A person is waiting for his friend on one side of the road but spots said friend on the directly opposite side of that same road. He stands there for some time, contemplating what to do before he looks to his left and right. He crosses the road slowly and cautiously. Suddenly, spots a car zooming towards him and quickens his pace to a flat out run. Once he reaches the other side of the road, he walks slowly towards his friend before stopping to catch his breath. Oh dear!

    Chelsea, Farrell and Lindsay

  3. A person was getting ready to sprint for a relay run, at first he waited for the signal to start, when the sprint began, he sprinted to where his other friend was waiting and then passed on the baton and stopped running.

  4. A person was walking home alone when his friend caught up with him and both raced back home. Suddenly, the person felt a very sharp pain and stopped on the spot.

    -Jia En, Carissa, Edwin

  5. A person was getting ready to run, and when he was running at full speed, he smacked into a wall ._.

    -Wai Kit, Bowen, Bryan

  6. The person was standing still, talking to someone, then continued walking for a distance before talking to talk to someone else again.

    -Ryan, Harindrar, Dylan