Tuesday, 21 February 2012

3 Practical Graph (Intro)1

The following graph describe the motion of a person.
It is the distance (y-axis) against time (x-axis) graph.
Some helpful words for describing the graphs might be:

If possible include a scenario eg. A person while walking fell down and ….



  1. A person was standing while thinking what he forgot to take but could no remember and he was going to be late. So he ran towards the door and found that he forgot to take his keys so he ran backwards and picked up the keys from the table.
    -Sherwin, Valery, Praveen

  2. A person was thinking what did he needed to take from the table and ran towards it, he went to the table and ran backwards to his original position and stopped and realised that he did not take the stuff he wanted to take from the table.

    Done by:- Chinni, Sheares, Jereme

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  4. A person stood directly in front of his friend, trying to take a picture of him but could not get a proper shot. He moved backwards quickly, trying to gauge the distance he should take the shot from. He realized he was too far away and ran closer to his friend, who had not moved an inch. He realized he was too close again, exactly like how he was before he moved back, so he stopped moving and started thinking....

    Chelsea, Farrell and Lindsay

  5. During the NAPFA shuttlecock run, the runner runs towards the line to take the bean bag before turning and ran back to the original position.

    -Wai Kit, Bowen, Bryan

  6. A person was running towards the door from his table to head out of class for recess but realized he did not take his wallet and so turned back and ran back to his original position, which was his table.

    -Wei Qin, Darshan, YF

  7. A Person forgot what he was about to do temporarily and realises that he was late for work. He saw that it was raining outside and ran back in to get an umbrella.

    -Jia En, Carissa, Edwin

  8. The person was walking normally, until he suddenly stops halfway, remembering that he forgot his wallet. He then starts to walk back the way he came to retrieve his wallet.

    -Ryan, Harindrar, Dylan