Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Linear Graphs

Task 1
A visitor to SST from one of the GCP schools wanted to know the direction from SST to NLB @ Clementi.
Without using any GPS and technological based tools provide a concise direction to the venue.
He is travelling alone and plans to walk to the destination.
You direction should bring him to the doorstep.
Post your direction as a comment in this blog

Task 2
Complete the following form as an introduction to Linear Graph and Cartesian Coordinates.


  1. Picture:

    When you reach Clementi Mall:
    1. When you enter through the door, the first shop you should see is BreadTalk on the second level.
    2. You must walk pass the elevators and you will see the escalator on your left.
    3. The first shop you see when you go up the escalator should be Starbucks and next to Starbucks is an escalator.
    4. You must take the escalator all the way to the fifth floor and you should be able to spot a Popular bookstore nearby.
    5. You must walk in that direction and turn right and walk straight pass Seoul Garden (A buffet restaurant) to reach the National Library.

  2. Chin Wai Kit1/30/2012 11:48 am

    1) Go straight towards the school gate
    2) Turn right, walk towards the main road
    3) Turn right at the main road and walk straight.
    4)You should pass by 3 bus stops in total, and 2 traffic lights
    5) Once you reach 'Clementi MRT Station', follow the escalator and turn right. Walk straight ahead, and you will reach Clementi Mall
    6) Once you enter Clementi Mall through the glass door, there is an escalator to your right, behind Starbucks
    7) Go up the escalator three floors until the fifth floor
    8) Walk towards 'Popular' and turn right. Walk straight and you will see the National Library.

  3. Walk out of the school gate closest to you, which is distinguished by the guard house. Turn right and walk down the pavement till you reach the T-Junction which is also the entrance to 1 Technology Drive. Turn right and walk down the pavement. Keep walking and you should pass a bus stop and finally arrive at a traffic light junction outside SST, please do not turn right and cross the zebra crossing and take the traffic light that crosses clementi road, make sure you are crossing clementi road AND NOT commonwealth avenue west. Walk down the pavement, you will be walking parallel to commonwealth avenue west and there would be a block of flats on your right. The only hinderance is getting across clementi avenue 2. Finally you will reach a connecting bridge that goes over commonwelth avenue west. Take that bridge and get to the other side. The entrance to clementi mall will be labelled “THE CLEMENTI MALL” clearly. Enter. You are now on the 3rd floor of clementi mall. Get up to the 5th floor via the escalator located behind STARBUCKS COFFEE, labelled clearly as well. Upon reaching that floor you will be greeted by ichiban sushi, make a left and walk forward, make sure you are walking towareds polular. Turn right. Walk pass seoul garden and walk towards national library LABELLED CLEARLY.