Friday, 20 January 2012

Algebra Change of Subject 2(review)

Task 2
Pair work (follow-up from previous Task Algebra Change of Subject 2)

Based on the activity in task 1, students have submitted the following responses (refer Table 1).

Your task is to reflect on the solution(s) submitted by your classmates.
Identify at least 2 points for consideration for 'Change of Subject'. Example Arithmetic error (wrong associative law applied)
You may discuss with a partner in class.

Submit this as a comment.
Indicate your name as well as your partner's name.

Worksheet 5, ACE learning.

Question Posted by Teacher

Table 1: Answer Posted by Students

In Summary


  1. 1. Square rooting or Squaring the wrong numbers. 2. Wrong use of brackets

  2. Wrong usage of bracket in answers and also using square roots wrongly eg wrong place ( before or after brackets)

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  4. The wrong use of brackets, as well as the wrong usage of square roots.

  5. Wrong use of square roots and brackets. e.g. placed at wrong places.

  6. Student A did not square root the equation correctly.
    Student B misplaced the the square root.

    Ryan and Jereme

  7. There were missing divide signs for some of them.

  8. 1. There are missing variables in Student C
    2. There are missing Brackets in a few questions

  9. Sherwin & Farrell1/25/2012 11:38 am

    Student R:

    Wrong use of associative law
    Misunderstanding of the concept of square roots

    By Sherwin and Farrell

  10. The wrong use of brackets and square roots.For example the students of A and B.

  11. 1. Unaware of the difference between square and addition/subtraction (Student P)
    2. Wrong usage of brackets eg. uses brackets even when there isn't a need to

  12. Wrong use of brackets and a few missing variables

  13. Student E did not put in the correct subject. Instead of 'R', he put in R^2
    Student P's answer was wrong because he did not remove the subject from the left side of the equation

  14. They left out certain brackets and square roots when they were needed.

  15. The brackets were wrongly used and the square roots were also misused.

  16. Discussed with Bryan:
    1) Wrong/unnecessary use of brackets(seen especially from student S.)
    2) Confusion with usage of square and square root. (Student E is confused with squares will most of the others are confused with square-roots.

  17. Student E left out a step and got the subject wrong, making the subject R^2 instead of R.
    Student A left out the brackets, thus the equation does not equate to the subject and is wrong.

  18. 1. Student R did the wrong simplification process and wrong usage of square root.
    2. Student A did the wrong simplification process and a bracket was absent.

    By Valery and Carissa

  19. 1. Some students didn't use the Square roots properly.
    2. Student E miscalculated and got the subject wrong, getting 'R^2' instead of the supposed 'R' as the subject

  20. 1. Wrong use of brackets. ><
    2. Student E made R^2 the subject instead of R.