Friday, 6 July 2012


Hi Class,
1. Please download all the learning materials from the following url:

2. Update the Geogebra GeoGebra ( for Mac OSX) from the following url to ensure all functions are updated:

3. Please check in the linoit site.

Task 1 (5 mins)
Odd group -YK1_Similarity_Triangle and Squares.ggb
Even group -YK2_Similarity_Pentagons and Stars.ggb

Screen capture the materials with your manipulation and your explanation. (Remember to indicate your group members) and post them on the Linoit
SST Maths 207Similar_Task1. :)

We will then comment on explanation. Thanks.

Task 2 (Triangles) (7 mins)
For task 2, download the following learning materials: YK3_Adapted from material-6047.ggb, in your group, screen capture the following task: SST Maths 207Similar_Task2.

As a group, attempt the following:
1. Match the triangles that are similar to yours.
2. If the triangles are not similar, indicate that the triangles are not similar and place it on the right of the similar triangles.

3* Are there any methods to ensure that the matched triangles are similar triangles?

Task 3(Triangles) (7 mins)

For task 3, download the following learning materials: YK4_Similar_Ang.ggb, in your group. Attempt the task as indicated and discuss the conclusion with your partners.
Screen capture the following task: SST Maths 207Similar_Task3.

* Attempt Q8 after forming of summary.

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