Tuesday, 21 February 2012

3 Practical Graph (Intro)4

The following graph describe the motion of a person.
It is the distance (y-axis) against time (x-axis) graph.
Some helpful words for describing the graphs might be:

If possible include a scenario eg. A person while walking fell down and ….



  1. Sherwin, Praveen and Valery2/21/2012 7:34 pm

    A person was jogging out of his doorway towards the main road and then he stopped abruptly, watching the cars whiz by as he stood there in a fixed position thinking of a way to dash across the road.

  2. A person, while walking towards the traffic light opposite from his house, realized that he might have forgotten to bring his umbrella. He stopped walking and rummaged through his bag, trying to find it. When he finally did, he made to move forward but halted when he saw that the traffic light had just turned red.

    Chelsea, Farrell and Lindsay :DD

  3. Person walks towards the classroom door, then stops as he forgot what he was about to do and stands there dazed.


  4. A person walked to the canteen and stopped to queue up at a long queue for the food stall.

  5. A person was feeling tired and came to a stop after a long walk

    -Wai Kit, Bowen, Bryan

  6. The person was walking to a chair before sitting down on it and remaining there for the rest of the time period.

    -Ryan, Harindrar, Dylan